Can You Shop Good Children's Jeans?

July 16, 2021

There are too many types of children's jeans on the market. Can you distinguish between good and bad children's jeans?


Jeans have always been loved by many children as a versatile daily wear. But the variety of designs, materials and prices make many parents wonder how to choose. As a manufacturer of children's jeans, I will share you how to distinguish between good and bad children's jeans.



High-quality jeans are dyed with indigo dye, dark blue, colorless flowers or stripes. After stone grinding, the color should be bright, the color should be uniform, and the bag cloth should not be stained obviously. The seam hem is whitened. In other words, it is to see whether its color is symmetrical, and whether there are blemishes, dots, and color differences.


Sense of touch

High-quality jeans feel soft after being washed and stoned. The cloth surface is plump, and put your hand on it and you can feel velvet.


Stitching quality

This refers to whether the stitches of the jeans are dense and neat. The surface of good jeans is sewn in parallel with double threads, and the back of the buttocks is sewn in a chain shape without tightening.


children's jeans

children jeans


Jeans are made out of denim, and denim is a very stretchy fabric. When you first try on a pair of jeans in the store, they might feel slightly tight and uncomfortable, which can naturally tempt you to purchase a larger size.

However, sizing up when a new pair of jeans feels uncomfortably tight in the fitting room is not necessarily always the best choice. Once you get the jeans home and wear them all day, they’ll stretch out and likely get unattractively baggy. Opt for the slightly tighter pair of jeans and trust that they’ll stretch to fit your skin.

Preferably 15% to 20% stretch.



The length of the two trouser legs should be the same, and the back crotch should be more than about 2 inches higher than the front crotch.


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