Summer children's T-shirt how to make a choice

April 29, 2021

Soon it will be summer, and in the heat of summer people have to wear cool and comfortable clothing. It is no problem for adults. So can babies also wear less? How should the babies' clothes be chosen? This is a common problem as parents worry. The following Children's Clothing Manufacturers to introduce some of the selection and matching way about children's T-shirts. I hope to be of some help to all parents.

Summer children's T-shirt how to make a choice

Children's Clothing

1. clothing should be shallow rather than deep, fancy not too much!

As the summer baby clothes are close to the skin, it is best to wear light-colored, cotton clothing, the skin stimulation is relatively small.

Expert analysis: this is because brightly colored clothes often contain high levels of lead, the production process adds a lot of dyeing materials, long-term wearing brightly colored clothing, clothing in the harmful ingredients may be absorbed by the skin, thus causing harm to the baby. Relatively speaking, light-colored clothes are safer and more environmentally friendly, and not easy to decolorize, for example, Children Candy Color Woven Shorts is a good choice

Tips: buy new clothes for babies first wash with water to remove formaldehyde and harmful substances on clothing, to reduce the occurrence of baby allergies.

2. Do not believe in new fabrics, cotton is the most comfortable!

See the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the baby belongs to the sweaty type of baby. What fabric clothing should he wear? It really hurts. Compare a lot of fabrics, found now very popular some new fabrics, such as bamboo fiber, linen, etc.. I think this new fabric also has many advantages, such as comfortable, cool, breathable. Are these new fabrics suitable for baby summer wear?

Expert Analysis: When picking clothes for your baby, it is best to choose cotton, because cotton clothing is safe and soft for your baby to wear. Some new fabrics, in the warm and humid environment is easy to breed bacteria, some in use may be very soft, but with a long time will become very hard. Because baby's skin is delicate, and summer is a very special season, so mothers should be especially careful in the choice of fabrics. If the baby's clothes are in direct contact with the skin, then cotton is the most suitable.

3. In the choice of color, appropriate light color, avoid bright

Very brightly colored fabrics often contain a lot of chemical dye residue, which can easily lead to skin diseases in babies, so you should be careful when choosing. It should also be noted that some too white clothing is actually added fluorescent agent, which requires mothers to identify when choosing.

In the summer children should not only wear fashionable wear trendy, and health is also the concern of parents. The health of the child is always the first priority. In the reality of buying should be carefully selected and viewed. Make sure to buy safe Children's Clothing and then match to create a sunny and handsome fashion trendy children.

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